Science Interactions

According to TIME magazine, the most influential person in the 20th century was Albert Einstein. A question for readers: do you think he achieved this only with physics?
I am convinced that science can be amazing and it represents one of the major milestones of the human race: it has allowed us to travel in space – by using hydrogen rockets we have sent astronauts to the moon – and in time – by means of carbon isotopes we have dated human remains buried for millennia under ice. We have formulas to calculate the lifetime of a star or the pressure that Superman should apply on a piece of coal to turn it into a diamond.
Nevertheless, I think that science alone can not change the world. EINSTEIN WAS AWARE OF THIS: WE ALSO NEED INTERACTIONS.

Science is the core but interaction is the key.

Therefore, I use instruments based on neuroscience and modern communication to create SCIENCE INTERACTIONS.
if you want to know more about these interaction stories and about myself, you just have to keep reading.